Doncaster Airport – How To Extract Passengers Money

Doncaster Airport sure know how to take every penny of their passenger’s money. From security to the departure lounge they have the best (or worst) techniques. Could this airport be the tightest in the UK?


Doncaster Airport (formerly RAF Finningley) is a small airport with only one terminal and serves as a passenger and cargo hub. Thomson and Wizz Air have been operating at the airport for a few years, and more recently Flybe have joined to offer flights throughout Europe. Though this is a small airport, and trying to increase demand, they seem to charge for almost everything possible.

Doncaster Airport Charge For Liquid Bags

This is the first airport in the world I have been through where they have vending machines at the security area full of resealable bags for liquids for sale. With security being heightened recently you would expect that all bags would be provided by the airport. There are strict rules on what can be used to carry liquids through security. GOV.UK states that liquids carried in hand luggage should be in a “…transparent, resealable plastic bag, which holds no more than a litre and measures approximately 20cm x 20cm”. The charge encourages passengers to provide their own bag, and if the wrong size slows down the security process.

Doncaster Airport Charge For Electric

Every plug socket in the departure lounge is fitted with a lock so that plug sockets cannot be used. There are around 50 in the departure terminal all of which cannot be used. The only way to charge up is to pay £1 for 15 minutes use of a charging station where you can lock your mobile phone in a cabinet until it charges. Not only is this insane, but the locker is too small to fit any other devices such as laptops.

Doncaster Airport Charge For Wifi

Doncaster Airport does provide passengers with free Wifi, but only for 30 minutes. For any further use of wifi beyond this this of course if a charge.

Best Solution?

Do yourself a favour bring the correct size bag for liquids, and then head to the newly opened lounge. Priority Pass members can access the lounge for free (considering signing up to Priority Pass). If you are looking to book the lounge as a one-off consider booking through Holiday extras. If stacking this with a discount code it often works out cheaper than buying direct.