EXCLUSIVE: Instant Hilton Gold Status – No Stays Required

A couple of months ago I posted how to gain Hilton Gold status by signing up though a special link (original article: Instant Hilton Gold Status – No Stays Required). That loophole was quickly closed down by Hilton HHonors team. However it now seems that there are new loopholes in place to gain the same Hilton Gold status in their loyalty scheme, HHonors.

Again Hilton are now offering you the chance to upgrade to instant Hilton Gold status with just a few clicks – no hotel stay required. The offer is meant to be open to only employees of specific companies but the links are available publicly so anyone can register. Hilton also do not check (or are unable to check) if you are actually an employee of that specific company. There is no email verification (you could be an employee of the company but sign up to Hilton HHonors using your personal email address). This status loophole is again likely quick to be closed down so I would recommend signing up as soon as possible.

Instant Hilton Gold Status

Already a Hilton HHonors member: Sign up using the Google or Oracle link, to fast track your membership status to a higher level with Hilton hotels. This loophole has now been closed. Follow details in the latest article, how to gain instant Hilton HHonors status.

Not a Hilton HHonors member: Sign up to Hilton HHonors, then register for instant gold status using the link above.

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  1. levette says:

    I am very interested in how to follow your instructions on the Hilton instant gold status I have a up coming trip with 9 stays that would be awesome to be gold (or diamond if you have a trick) status. my question is how to I email from the work email address? how can I set one up?
    thanks for any advise you can give me.

    1. Tom says:

      If you are new to Hilton HHonors use one for the links (either to Google or Oracle one above). Sign up using your personal email address, not a work one, if you are not employed by either of those companies.

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