Leeds Bradford To New York Flights – £319 Return

Planning a trip to New York? Don’t forget to check your local airport; you could be surprised! Jet2 are now offering Leeds Bradford to New York flights for an amazing £319 return. The flights are direct and offer you the chance to take a weekend trip to New York, or a little longer if you prefer.

You’ll be lucky to find a flight from the UK to New York for this price, let alone direct from a smaller local airport. These flights are seasonal and only operate for a few months, but there are various dates available throughout October, November, December and January. For the £319 price flights depart Leeds Bradford Airport on Thursday 27th October at 11:00am arriving into New York Newark Airport at 2:15pm the same day local time. Return flight departs New York Newark Airport on Monday 31st October at 9:45pm, and arrives into Leeds Bradford Airport at 8:30am the following day.

New York is a fantastic city, I was there only a few months ago. Access to the city from the airport is best by using Uber and not a traditional cab (as tempting as it may be). Uber operate a fixed fare so if you are stuck in traffic the price will be the same. You could even ride share to save a little bit more on your trip and meet new people. If you’re new to Uber use the Uber signup code to get free credit towards your first ride.

Book your Leeds Bradford to New York flights now for £319 with Jet2.