Instant Hilton Status Match – Quick Approval

If you use the same hotel chain for each of your stays (such as Radisson Blu, Marriott etc) the changes are you have some kind of elite status – something that makes you want to use this same chain each time you stay. The status can now be transferred across to Hilton hotels by using the online form for your instant Hilton status match. This status match can also be used in addition to the existing upgrade to instant Hilton Gold status offered by Hilton, which is available to everyone.

Even if you have a mid tier status with another hotel the match is worth considering. Hilton Gold status has what is considered by many travellers, including myself, as one of the best mid-level hotel statuses. The Gold status offers a complementary breakfast for guests at the majority of their hotels, and occassionally you will receive a free room upgrade. Diamond status, which is the top Hilton HHonors level, offers lounge access in addition to the Gold benefits.

Register as soon as possible as the offer will likely be running for a short period.

Instant Hilton Status Match

Already a Hilton HHonors member: Complete the form online so Hilton can match you to a similar level in their loyalty scheme.

Not a Hilton HHonors member: Sign up to Hilton HHonors, then complete the form online for instant Hilton status match using the link above.