Instant Hilton Gold Status – No Stays Required

Hilton are now offering you the chance to upgrade to instant Hilton Gold status with just a few clicks – no hotel stay required. Strictly this offer is open only to employees of specific companies but the links are available publicly so anyone can register. Hilton also do not check (or are unable to check) if you are actually an employee of that specific company. It seems to be a status loophole that Hilton are not overly concerned about.

The Hilton Gold status has what is considered by many travellers, including myself, as one of the best mid-level hotel statuses. The Gold status at Hilton is usually earned after staying 40 nights and offers a complementary breakfast for guests at the majority of their hotels. I have also found that some hotels will offer a free room upgrade when presenting the Hilton Gold status card at check-in, which is not one of the guaranteed benefits. Diamond status, which is the top Hilton HHonors level, only offers lounge access in addition to the Gold benefits.

Register before 31st August 2016.

Instant Hilton Gold Status

Already a Hilton HHonors member: Sign up for instant Hilton gold status, using the Accenture link, to fast track your membership status to a higher level with Hilton hotels. This loophole has now been closed. Follow details in the latest article, how to gain instant Hilton HHonors status.

Not a Hilton HHonors member: Sign up to Hilton HHonors, then use register for instant Hilton gold status using the link above.