FREE Return Flights With Flybe (Almost)

A few days ago I covered how to stay for free at any Hilton in the world, today is how to get free return flights, courtesy of Flybe. This travel hack allows you to get multiple return flights with the airline.

I don’t have any ties to a specific airline. The idea for me is to find the cheapest flight, on the day that I need, from a local airport. Flybe seem to have a good spread in the UK and depart from most airports, even the smaller lesser known ones, all of which makes this travel hack perfect. Flybe also offer some great destinations over in the west of Europe, right through to Sofia, Bulgaria in the east.

Free return flights with Flybe

It seems like all the quick and easy travel hacks at the moment involve credit card signups, and this one is exactly the same. Flybe are offering the free return flights when signing up to their credit card and spending a mere £250 within 6 months of opening the account. This is an easy target to hit and can be done by paying a few household bills, or even a couple of meals out. Flybe will email a voucher code when you have qualified for any free flights. To avoid any potential interest charges, pay off your credit card online as soon as you have made a purchase.

Retailers love us to sign up to their credit card so they can generate revenue on everything we spend (they receive a percentage). That’s why Flybe offer multiple return flights for people who continue to use the credit card for everyday purchases and payments. Additional free flights kick in after spending a total of £4000 (a free UK return flight), and after spending a total of £6000 (a free European return flight). These return flights are in addition to flights offered for spending £250.

To get your free flights sign up to the Flybe credit card.


How to use your free return flights

First head over to the Flybe website and check out their route map to view all of the destinations they offer. Here you can also check the routes of which airports in the UK they fly from. Note that as part of the free return flights promotion you can travel to any Flybe destination except Spain and Portugal. The flights also have to be operated by Flybe and not another airline they work with, such as Stobart Air.

flybe-route-mapAfter you have found out where you will be travelling from, and to which destination, enter the details into the flight finder. This will show on which days the flights operate and times of departure and arrival.



Taxes and airport fees are the only charges that will be added to your ticket. These can be checked by clicking the ‘Taxes’ button on the right sidebar. A breakdown is shown for outbound and return. A return flight from Manchester to Milan at full price would cost £192. With the free return flight promotion, you just have to pay the taxes and charges, which are £51 – a saving of over £140 per passenger.


This works for all flights, though taxes and charges vary slightly with each airport. Some other popular routes include the following.

Departure airport Arrival airport Taxes and charges
Manchester Milan £51
Dundee Amsterdam £40
Cardiff Munich £61
Doncaster Paris £49
Birmingham Bastia Corsica £54

Book free flights

When you have qualified for the free flights and are ready to book go back to the Flybe flight finder and enter your promotion code when searching. This will then show all flights with only taxes and airport fees. The promotion code is emailed when you hit the £250 signup requirement, and £4000/£6000 spend for the additional.

To get your free flights sign up to the Flybe credit card.