Travel Hacking FREE Accommodation With Nightswapping

Travel hacking free accommodation has now become cheaper and easier thanks to Nightswapping. This network of properties is similar to Airbnb, but without the cost. Nightswapping now has global community of over 150,000 users, spread throughout the world, meaning that your destination will more than likely have a property for stay.

Occasionally there is a small cleaning and booking fee to pay when you book (who wouldn’t want to pay a few pounds for a clean room?).

How does Nightswapping work?

It’s a cross between Airbnb and Tinder (though without the dating part). Users looking for accommodation search for their preferred destination, and swipe left or right, for yes or no. Nightswapping property owners don’t charge for the room each night, it works on ‘sharing’. To be able to stay for free you must also be willing to allow other guests to stay at your property when you are there (it doesn’t have to happen at the same time).

The site trades in a currency of ‘nights’, which are earned by inviting a traveller to use their own house, apartment, or spare room for a night. If as an example you host for three nights, you can stay for three nights anywhere that’s listed on the platform, any time in the future. You hold these nights as a credit in your account. If you are wanting to use the service without hosting first, or you want to go on a trip that’s longer than the number of nights you’ve hosted, you can buy extra nights starting from $7 to $49 (around £5 – £35) .

What are the costs to use Nightswapping?

Accommodation usually takes up a considerate part of a traveller’s budget, travel hacking free accommodation with Nightswapping, has become that little bit easier. Below is an example booking using the platform showing all associated costs. As I am a new member and have not hosted any nights the site details the cost to pay for the ‘extra nights’ + the cleaning fee.

Login in or create a profile at Nightswapping if you don’t already have one. It only takes a couple of minutes and doesn’t ask for much information other than name and email address.


Start typing in your destination. Let’s try Los Angeles, as this is a popular city and also expensive for hotels. There’s then a couple of options to select when you would like to stay, and for how many travellers. Pricing is based on the stay, not the number of travellers.


Straight away there are several options, this one looking the best with a mountain view and swimming pool. This listing is actually for an entire home, not a room and sleeps up to 4 people. It shows as $56 for 2 nights for up to 4 travellers (free if you have already hosted at your own place).


Full details of the property in Los Angeles show all the amenities the place has to offer including wifi, air conditioning, jacuzzi, swimming pool and a gym. The total price is $56 for 2 nights (free if you’ve already hosted), free insurance and $9.90 booking fees. This place doesn’t even charge a cleaning fee. Where else can you get 2 nights in Los Angeles for 4 travellers, in similar accommodation, for $10?


Join Nightswapping now to start searching and travel hacking free accommodation at your destination.