5 Issues Of Lonely Planet Traveller Magazine For £5

If you’re sat in economy on a long-haul flight it can be pretty boring, now Lonely Planet Traveller aims to change that. After take off and meal service there isn’t all that much to do; that’s why I always take a good old fashioned paper magazine (digital magazines never feel the same to me).

Lonely Planet, the company behind probably the worlds most popular guide books, now publishes a magazine each month named Lonely Planet Traveller. These magazines cover some of the best destinations in the world, but also a few which are a little of the beaten path. They also are crammed with local tips and ideas, though I feel that these are quite often the typical tourist traps. Each issue includes themed mini guides, guest interviews and different ways to explore the area based on the amount of time you have to spend there.

You can try 5 issues of Lonely Planet Traveller for only £5 which are available as paper or digital (that’s 74% discount on the usual price). If you’re looking for a longer period 12 months is currently around £28, which is great value.